Why I want to be physical therapist-A students perspective. By Hanna Park


A common question that I’m always asked is why do I want to become a physical therapist. My simple answer is that I want to help people. It all started for me when I was 16, I had my first real injury and had to go through physical therapy. Going into physical therapy I was frustrated and doubtful. Within 6 weeks I had the majority of my mobility back. Going through that process made me realize how amazing the human body is! That was the initial experience that made me want to become a physical therapist. Later in college I became an intern at a physical therapy clinic that specialized in mostly geriatric patients. Most patients were just like me in the beginning, frustrated and doubtful. Luckily for me I interned there long enough to see new incoming patients and those same patients being discharged. Going through the process with these patients showed me that beginnings are always rough, but when enough effort is put in, a goal will always be reached. I grew relationships with the patients and saw their bodies become stronger with each day thanks to the physical therapist. I saw their attitude toward physical therapy change because of the progress being made. I saw the smiles on their faces when their bodies were able accomplish everyday activities easier. Of course, I had nothing to do with their rehabilitation but I could easily see that helping people become stronger, helping them live happier and longer lives was a reward in itself.

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